II. International Seminar on Pedagogical Resources in Human Rights

    Ours is a citizenry diverse in origin, religion, language, skills, mobility, sexual orientation, gender identity, language, ideology... and this diversity, understood as a positive trait of our idiosyncrasy, as an opportunity, is key in coexistence.

    However, although we refer to equality and diversity, on repeated occasions we fail to respect diversity in our surroundings, causing situations of discrimination and inequality with our actions.

    Coexisting in diversity is, therefore, a challenge and a desirable aim in our society; with good reason, many social bodies, educational and social institutions and individuals work to create a fairer world where all people, no matter how diverse, can maintain their dignity and develop in their environment with no need for exclusion or discrimination.

    For its part, educational attention to diversity has a long background, a history of the struggle to achieve equity and defend human rights. But inclusive education is constantly faced with new challenges requiring new approaches to solidarity and social justice.

    By means of this seminar, Eskura Zentroa aims to contribute with resources and testimonials from here and there to the endeavours of all those who work to achieve inclusion and peaceful coexistence based on human rights.

More information: info@eskurazentroa.eus